30 August 2010

Kayser Söze (spoiler alert)

Kayser Söze seems to be left handed.

Kayser Söze shoots left handed in Verbal Kint's story
In one of the scenes portraying the flashback being related to Agent Kujan by suspect Roger "Verbal" Kint, Kaiser shoots left handed.

Left-handed "Kayser" shoots Keaton on the ship
In another scene, someone whom Dean Keaton addresses as "Kayser", who then shoots Keaton, fires left handed.

Kint himself seems to be right handed, though this may be a result of his apparent disability. He is played as having cerebral palsy affecting one leg and one arm. He holds his Uzi right handed in one scene.

In case you haven't seen the movie, I'll just leave it at that. Except to comment that writer Christopher McQuarrie and director Bryan Singer seem to have thought of everything. 

Kevin Spacey, who played Verbal Kint, appears to be right handed.

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