06 October 2011

Abbas and Netanyahu Both Lefties

Both the President Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Mahmoud Abbas, and the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, are left handed. At least they can agree on one thing: those ink smears sure are a mess! As you can see from the photos below, they have adopted different pen-holding strategies to try to minimize the problem.
photo of Abbas signing
Abbas signs in
photo of Netanyahu signing
Netanyahu uses loop-over grip
This situation creates what may be a unique opportunity: They could simultaneously sign an agreement and shake hands on it at the same time. Maybe President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron could join in (both also lefties).

13 August 2011

Happy International Lefthanders' Day

Yes, it's that day again--International Leftanders' Day! Today is the 35th such special day for left handers (although some might say that every day is special if you are left handed!)

I don't know why this day, the 13th of August, was selected. It is the birthday of Fidel Castro, but that is probably just a coincidence. Some sources say Fidel is left handed--for example he is on the University of Indiana Famous Left-Handers list. But images on the web show him batting and writing rightie. He may be a leftist, but not with respect to laterality.

Of the many other mildly famous and obscure people born on this day (Don Ho? Lucy Stone? Ben Hogan?) none is a Great Left Handed Person, as far as I can tell.

August 13th is the anniversary of the great Arica earthquake in 1868. Possibly caused by a left hander?

On August 13th, 1918, Opha Mae Johnson became the first woman to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. As far as I know she was not left handed.

The closing of the border and start of construction of what was to become the Berlin Wall was on 13 August 1961. The Leftist German Democratic Republic wanted to keep both left handed and right handed East Germans from moving to Rightist West Berlin. Not really a great day for left handers or anyone else.

So I guess International Lefthanders' Day was established on 13th August mainly because it seemed like a good idea and no other major holidays or festivals already occupied the spot. As good a day as any!

So Happy International Lefthanders' Day, all you left handers! Let's march in solidarity in any and all International Lefthanders' Day parades (stepping off with the left foot, as is traditional). If there is not an International Lefthanders' Day parade in your area, maybe you could organize one for August 13th next year.

11 March 2011

UK PM David Cameron

David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK, is from the party of the right, the Conservative Party. He signs, throws, and volleys leftie but bats righty. The official site of the Prime Minister's Office makes no mention of this crucial fact. But this Economic Times article reveals his hand preference.

photo Cameron signing
PM signs signs the welcome book of the Welsh Assembly

Photo Cameron tossing snowbal
Cameron tosses snowball (not shown)
This article shows that he plays tennis left handed. However, unless this photo has been reversed it looks like he bats right handed. Perhaps when he was at Eton there was a surplus of left-handed batters and he learned to bat rightie to round out the side.

photo of Cameron batting
Cameron bats rightie

24 January 2011

Joel Hodgson/Joel Robinson

Comedian Joel Hodgson, who created  Mystery Science Theater 3000 and played experimental subject Joel Robinson, is left handed. So Joel Robinson is also left handed.

photo of Joel in his red jumpsuit
Just a regular (left handed) Joe
photo of Joel fixing Crow
Joel repairs Crow

On the Satellite of Love, Joel creates four robot pals. Crow, shown above, is the only one with articulated arms. Gypsy and Cambot have no apparent arms or hands. And Tom Servo has only little springy arms and non-functional ornamental white hands. Crow T. Robot has more prominent arms, but can make little use of them.

According to the series' official episode guide, Crow and Tom have hands that work only intermittently because they are "run by lazy, shiftless puppeteers who just don't care." [Source: Wikipedia.] Whether these puppeteers are right or left handed does not appear.

[Trace Beaulieu, who operated Crow in the early years, is right handed. Later Bill Corbett took over, and was either left or right handed. Tom Servo was mainly operated over the years by Kevin Murphy, right handed I think. Gypsy has no hands.]